About Us

Shkodra Sport was founded in 2012 aiming to include sports in our everyday life and organising events which would pay tribute to the city’s history.

Triathlon Labeat 2021

We started Triathlon Labeat in 2013 in Shkoder Albania with the great desire of organising an event that would bring together the communities in doing outdoor sports and bonding with each other. However, it took us a while to decide on what type of sports we would include in this event. Taking in consideration the characteristics of a city like Shkodra where almost everyone owns a bike, it would be just right to include cycling in the event.

The city is also well known for its beautiful Lake Shkodra, therefore we were left with a very clear choice in our minds. We had to incorporate activities that people from Shkodra would love, hence the choice of running a triathlon.

Our Vision

Guided by the desire of making sports a crucial part of every Albanian community, Shkodra Sport’s vision is to organise the region’s elite sportive events by providing athlete support trainings, inspiring initiatives and entertaining outdoor activities. We aim to create an environment in which sports are valued, nurtured and practiced to achieve an international recognition.


In September 2022, Shkodra Sport will host the 10th Edition of Triathlon Labeat in in Lake Shkodra, in the town of Shiroke, about 10 minutes drive from the city Shkodra bringing together more than 100 participants from Albania, Kosovo, Serbia, Montenegro, and other neighbouring countries. Triathlon Labeat is the first event of its kind in Albania. The first edition was organised in September 2013 and the legacy has continued every year since. Triathlon Labeat is a race which includes 750 meters of swimming, 10 kilometres of cycling and 5 kilometres of running.

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